Interactive system for voting Nouvelle


Interactive system for voting allows you to put questions in your power point presentation, and offer up to 10 responses per question. Participants in your event are voting using a wireless keypad devices. The voting results are simultaneously shown in a power point presentation in the form of various diagrams. Voting can be public or secret. The system brings the dynamics in all events and allows you to find out what a large group of people think of an unlimited number of terms. It is possible to find out what 100 people think of 20 terms for 10 minutes and immediately have it all in excel spreadsheet. Based on the results of voting you can start discussions or just focus on certain areas of the presentation.

The system supports the correct answers, multiple correct answers, score test. Perhaps the most interesting option is to compare results. At the beginning and end of lectures set the same question to which participants respond, then the system compares those two results and you can see how much has changed the opinion of the participants during the lectures. Using a system does not require complex technical preparations.

The system has a very wide application and can be used for conferences, professional meetings, seminars, research, evaluation, training, quizzes, education...